27 January 2006

Not So Nervous Anymore

The vet telephoned earlier today and let me know that Nora-Grace and Tabitha came through the operation fine and are resting.

I will be able to pick them up tomorrow after 10:00 AM, Yay!


Brian said...

Yay! I hate leaving my pets anywhere. Surgical procedures only make the anxiety about a million times worse.
My kitten got fixed today, too. I think it's easier on boys - he was bouncing off the walls like usual not long after coming home.
I like your new pic. The beard looks good!

K-A said...

Both of them are doing okay, but Nora-Grace is not feeling well and looking rather sad. On the other hand Tabitha is running amok as usual.

I am not sure how long I'll keep the beard going. After awhile it becomes almost as annoying as shaving.