17 October 2005

Perfect Weather

It was perfect weather this past weekend. I could finally breath in Savannah! I catalogued some of my library on LibraryThing and did some house cleaning. On Saturday I actually managed to open one of my windows in the sitting room! It filled me with joy because previously I could only open two windows in the back of the apartment.

The window that I managed to open dates to 1856, but it opened rather easily with the help of a putty knife and hammer. Opening it was like the lifting of a seal on an ancient tomb. I swear there was a vacuum sound as the seal parted and the fresh air entered for the first time since 1856! It is my hope to get at least one window open in the long room and then my life shall be compete.

The highlight of the weekend was Champagne Sunday with Melissa M. We paced ourselves better this time and had a wonderful brunch. Of course we had cupcakes.

I had to close the windows last night because of the dreaded Savannah stench started creeping in. It's disgusting we citizens have to put up with that rancid, putrid stench from Hell! It burns your eyes and throats and all run to seek shelter behind closed doors. No wonder why most of the homes and apartments around here have painted windows. It's extra protection from the evil stench.

It's Monday. It's time to go to work. My job is about as exciting as watching drying paint.


Anonymous said...
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K-A said...

I removed this post because it was an annoying advertisment.

Anonymous said...

You should move somewhere nice - like New Jersey.

K-A said...