02 October 2005

Champagne Sunday

I went to my friend Melissa’s house today and had champagne brunch. I brought the usual cupcakes, but this time they were absolutely horrible. Yes, it’s true, a bad cupcake. I guess the tie-died icing should have been a hint, but it was all I could find.

They were so intense. The sugar was like nothing I ever had and they turned our lips different colours. Then the flavour turned sour after a few seconds in your mouth. It was truly disgusting. The champagne on the other hand was fabulous as usual as was the company.

( Mental note: Do not by cupcakes from Crack Kroger ever again!)

After being home for a while I decided to hang the curtain rods, sheers and draperies in the freshly painted dining room. I did pretty well considering all the champagne.

Ugh, Monday is quickly approaching.

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