10 October 2005

Internet Panhandling

Okay y'all, I have created a website devoted to receiving donations for my cats. It is called Help My Cats and it's for their medical needs.

Since I am single again my funds have dried up.
Desperate times calls for desperate measures. I will be working out an arrangement with our veterinarian so I may get on a payment plan, but every little bit helps which is why I came up with this idea. I'd rather not owe a lot and have it hanging over my head.

I don't like the idea of panhandling so I am not going to write about this anymore. If you wish to know more please visit the site.

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Send me a dollar said...

Lol, begging for cats! I've scowered the internet looking for beg sites most are really funny but I dont think I've seen begging for cats yet.
try posting your ad here: http://www.thebeggarsclub.com/beggars-page-01.html#Early%20retirement%20with%20your
they seem to have lots of donations coming in.

and I have to plug my own site hope you dont mind: