12 October 2005

Kate Bush

A few days ago I stopped by the Manly Table and learned from Garrett that Kate Bush is coming out with a new album. He made my day. The single, "King of the Mountain" debuts on the 24 October. The full release of the album "Aerial" is on the 7 November.

On Tuesday night I opened a bottle of wine and I pulled out my Kate Bush LP's (yes, LP's) and listen to them until 1AM. Ah, it was fabulous. I am very excited about her new work.


Garrett said...

Thanks for the link! I've been going nuts thinking about the new album ... now if only we can get her on a plane to do a concert tour.

K-A said...

That would be brilliant, but she doesn't care to fly that much. Her last concertin Canada she arrived by boat.
I downloaded her new single on iTunes. It's good.