21 October 2005


My boss actually let me leave yearly yesterday, but when I got home I could not find one of my cats, Nora-Grace. I looked everywhere and then I panicked. It turned out she was under the dresser, but because of her dark fur she blended in. I tried to get her out, but she hissed and growled at me. I noticed her right eye was half closed. I finally got her out, but she continued to wine, hiss and growl at me. I figured she might have a cold and my other cat; Timothy may have got her in the eye. I decided to leave her be for a while and went to cleaning.

My mother calls and tells me one of her tires blew out at 70 MPH and she is on the side of the road and does not know where she is. She called AAA, but they could not find her. Then Nora comes stumbling out of the bedroom, walking as if she was drunk. I panic. My mother is crying on the phone. I start to get upset. It was horrible!

After talking with my mother for a while we hung up. I called the Vet. and made an appointment for Thursday at 2:10. However, later in the day I was too nervous about Nora and decided to take in to the Vet right away. We sat there for about an hour and then they took a look at her. But first I was chastised by one of the attendants for bringing in a stray cat into my house. The reason being Nora hasn't had her feline leukemia injection yet. I was under the impression she had it, but I read the paper work incorrectly. She was only tested for it. The lady basically said Nora-Grace could have caught it from Timothy and there is no cure and could die.

So, this left me very nervous and depressed and kind of ticked off at the bitch behind the counter.

We spent a good hour with the Vet. They had to put an orange dye Nora's eye. This way they could see if she had a scratch, which she did not. They did a blood work-up. All is fine.

We had another Feline Leukemia test. She is negative, but she did have a slight fever. So at the end of it all we went home with eye drops. I have to put them in her eye twice a day, oh and I am not $145.00 more in debt. :(

We got home and I called my mum. She was back on the road 2 hours later with a new set of tires. Since it was getting late she decided to stay at a motel last night and will be getting back on the road shortly. I will be leaving work to day at noon, which is about the time she should be getting in.

Today I need to take Nora back for a check up. They wish to see if her fever has gone down and to check the eye again. If her fever is down I think they are going to give her all her injections. They have also asked for me to bring Timothy. They wish to check him over to see if he has anything that could have been transmitted to Nora-Grace. They will also give him his injections.

Goddess knows how much this is going to cost! The good news on this subject is my mother is going to pay for yesterdays visit!

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