28 October 2005

The Cats

Today was another vet visit for Nora-Grace. Her eye has healed and the doctor gave her the needed injections including the one for Feline Leukemia.

The doctor didn't give Nora another test for the virus as it is too soon. We need to wait another three months. However, I am under the assumption that Nora had a test and it was negative. So I am going to believe she doesn't have it. I think the doctor felt the same way since she gave her the inoculation.

I inquired about the cost for the spay operation and about died. It will cost $492.00 + other fees for the both of them! They asked if I wanted to go ahead and make the appointment. I said, no. I have to pay off the huge bill I currently have from the previous visits.

I'm just so relieved about Nora-Grace.


Cave-Woman said...

Though Fe-leuk is scarry, don't worry too much. You are doing the right thing by giving her the shots.
I've known cats who lived with it for 15 years or so, and lived very good lives. ( I once worked in a vet clinic.)
Like diabetes, Fe-leuk is a manageable disease.

All will be well.

K-A said...

I have been researching Fe-leuk Online and have discovered more clarity on the subject. I don't feel so dire anymore.
Thank you for the kind words. It has taken a load off my mind.