01 June 2008

Loft (continued)

This weekend I managed to finish priming the studio room. I also primed most of the bedroom. The big project was knocking out the opaque glass and cutting the iron bars out to make room for an air conditioner.

Grout Removal

The grout on these windows is over one hundred years old and it’s very solid. It’s a testament to the way they constructed and the materials they used back then. I had to use a flat head screwdriver as well as a chisel to break up the grout. Then I had to use a rubber mallet to smack out the glass. Of course the glass broke.

Thankfully it is a safety glass so it did not shatter everywhere.
I will have to repeat the process for every window because I want to replace the panes with clear glass. That’s only 81 times!

Cutting Iron

Constructing A/C Frame

Mission Accomplished

The electrician comes tomorrow to install some power for the heavy duty A/C, which is for the large room as well as a couple other sockets.

Next weekend I would like to begin painting the ceilings, walls and the floors.


dj-mouse said...

Looking good!

Homer said...

Handy men are hot.

equivocalvagabond said...

Don't hurt yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yuck! Can't you call someone to do that ??
Jim & Steve

K-A said...

Jim & Steve,

I actually enjoy doing this. Oh, I am shocked you used your real names this time!