16 June 2008

Loft (endless)

I had too much to accomplish this past weekend. Needless to say I did not finish everything. In fact there still is too much to do before I move in. I could not hire the movers I wanted because I had an unexpected bill come up so the funds ran out.

Destin and I moved my two large armoires as well as the large kitchen cabinet. I lugged the small sofa… or rather large scratch post up the stairs myself Sunday night, which is why my back is off kilter now.

Anyhow, we managed to put the two armoires together fairly quickly, but were pretty much wiped out afterwards. We will be moving my stuff from the cottage on Wednesday evening when I get home from work and I guess that will be my first night there.

The studio room is just about 300 square feet so it makes for a good-sized living room, but I can’t wait to finish the rest of the place. Patience is a virtue in this case… because I have no choice!

Tomorrow night I’ll work on the place some more. That’s really the last night I have. I’ll have to do the rest once the cats and I are settled. They’re not going to like this because they have become quite accustomed to the cottage and its screen porch, as have I.

More of the same, knocking out the old glazing.

Oh, I came to the conclusion that window glazing is not my friend. Actually, I hate it. I ended up using silicone on the other window panes I replaced. It worked so much better and faster.

It was way too hot without A/C, but this is what I was preparing the window for. Sweat was just pouring off my face. (Bleh!) This is such an unflattering picture.

Cutting out an iron pane so to make room for the A/C.

Piecing the large armoire. It's like a puzzle.

Destin, The Fabulous.

I'm in shorts. It's rare occurrence.


It's kind of weird having two large, heavy armoires in a bedroom, but I don't have any closets so I am grateful I have these. The bedroom is roughly 280 square feet so I think it won't be too crowded. However, I still have to move the bed in.

The kitchen cabinet, which weighs too much.

The large door on the cabinet folds down to reveal an enameled table top, which lifts up for linens. Also inside, behind a glass door that lifts up and retracts back, there are compartments for ice trays, eggs and salted meat. (Bleh!) Essentially this is the British version of a Hoosier cabinet. I am grateful for this storage space as well... even though it weighs a couple hundred pounds.


Homer said...

Actually, the picture where you are lifting up your shirt, VERY flattering. Nice fur.

The Other Andrew said...

I'm with Homer, I'm thinking THAT's unflattering?! Nice furry tummy. Oh, and you should wear shorts more often. Nice gams!

K-A said...


I look like I'm sick. Actually after I wiped the sweat from my face with my shirt I burst into a sneezing fit, which about made me pass out!

K-A said...


Ha, these skinny, pale things! Thank you though. :)

equivocalvagabond said...

shameless! showing off your fur like that. (more, more!)

afod said...

Your furniture looks very ecclectic and you made a good call with the silicone. Your legs are just fine!