13 June 2008

Busy Weekend Ahead

This week my friend Gloria was in town visiting her family. We went out to eat one night and had a great time. We also met for lunch on Wednesday. She left for New York City for a wedding and then she heads back to LA. I shall miss her. We always have the best time.

Every night after work except Tuesday night I have gone to the loft and worked on it some. The bed room walls, ceiling and trim have been painted. Last night I painted the first coat on the floors in the bed room and studio room. Tonight I have to apply the second coat to the floors as well as paint two doors. Oh, and its laundry night. Yes, my Friday nights are full of excitement!

On Saturday I will be installing the A/C in the studio and replacing 16 panes of glass. On Sunday I will be putting together a kitchenette of sorts... and I am not quite sure how and what I will do. I have taken Monday off because I will be moving into the loft.

I recently found out I have to be out of the house I am staying at because the owners are coming to work on the house on the 19 June. They didn’t say I had to leave, but I would feel awkward having them and workers coming in and out while I am at work all day. As well, they have a dog and Nora-Grace and Tabitha would not approve.

This is why I have been rushing to get the loft partially finished. I will set the studio up temporarily as a living room and kitchen. The bedroom will be just fine. I will work on the rest of the space while living there. Ultimately I believe this will push me to move faster on having it completed especially since the cats and I are about to be confined to 500 square feet. We are all going to miss the wonderful screened porch and I know Tabitha is going to be quite vocal about it.

Walls have been painted.

Bedroom: First coat of floor paint.

Studio: First coat of floor paint.


Lewis said...

It looks absolutely fabulous! As it should! You've done a very nice job.

ilduce said...

I agree, Good Lord I wish you'd come up north and work on some the home projects I have looming ahead of me1