08 June 2008


This weekend it was my intention to stay focused and work on the loft, but it was too damned hot. On Saturday I managed to use the paint sprayer and painted the studio/junk room. It was 100F degrees outside and inside on the third floor it was way over that. I thought I would pass out.

Today the temperature was 104F, which made the third floor damn near 110F! My poor little bedroom air conditioner barely could keep up. I was planning to work on the windows too, but as stated it was too hot.

This week I will need to work on the space a little everyday after work because I am a little behind schedule. I finished one coat of the wall paint in the bedroom, but ran out of paint. The paint was a mixture Melissa and I made before I left Savannah.

It was created after a wonderful bottle of merlot... or was it Pinot Noir? Anyhow, I went to True Value to see if they could match it, but it came out a wee bit lighter. So now I am not sure I have enough of the new paint. Ugh!

In other news my friend Gloria has come home to visit her family in Greenville and we will be having dinner one day this week. She also said she may stop by campus one day for lunch.

Gloria lives in Los Angeles now. I don’t get to see her often so it will be nice to catch up.

Priming the bedroom ceiling.

Studio/Junk room painted.


Anonymous said...

My thought is that if you keep enough Merlot and/or Pinot Noir on hand (and partake) then it will always look like the same color you & Melissa made. I was in Charlotte this last week helping my mother prepare for her trip to Italy and the HEAT was unbearable!!!! Hi Gloria - long time no see - hope all is well!! Janet came up on Friday and we drove back to the vortex tonight. Keep a wet doo-rag on, rehydrate w/ Merlot & rest often, as required.

Robert said...

I personally think that the title of this entry goes quite well with this self-portrait of yours. ;-)

Yeah, anything above 100 degrees is toasty. I don't prefer the heat myself! Have fun with Gloria. Maybe she can bring you back to Los Angeles! heh!

Lewis said...

i don't envy you at all! that heat sounds like just one more thing to turn me into more of an old bitch than i already am!

Homer said...

If you paint naked it is much, much cooler.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Homer, it is more comfortable naked. Until the paint drips onto your hair...on your head...on your chest...on your arms...on your legs...on your...