25 May 2008


Thanks for all the well wishes. I am feeling much better. This weekend I worked on the loft, which was in dire need of attention, as I have not done a thing to it for sometime.

I finished laying the sub floor in the studio room and framed out a door between it and the bedroom. As well I repaired some wall damage. Then I started priming the studio room with stain blocker. I have gone through one gallon on the ceiling and it looks like it will require one or more gallons. Ugh!

The electrician comes on the 2 June to install the power for the three window air conditioner units needed. Then I need to lay another sub floor in what will be a foyer outside the bedroom and main living area. As well I will need to construct two new walls, install a door and then paint. Slowly it is coming together.

I hope to have the loft livable come July or August. This is not to say it will be completed because I have to replace every pane of glass in the windows, build eleven storm windows, insulate, have the electrician come back to install more power and start planning for the Winter.

Destin and I spoke about the possibility have having a gas line brought in to the building for heating. I have no idea as to what this will cost or if it is possible. We shall see.

Tomorrow I have the day off so I shall continue with the painting.


Robert said...

Wasn't it hot in the loft? Next time when you take more pictures, you might want to take your tee shirt off! Just a thot! :-)

K-A said...

Ha! I have few readers as it is. No need to scare them off.

Homer said...


Lewis said...

As much as I'm enjoying following your story, I must admit that I don't envy you. Precisely why we're in the market for a townhome or condo that is all up to date with no yard. I think I'm getting old!