17 April 2008

Work and a Decision

This is my second week at the new job. So far so good. There is quite a bit to learn and it does keep me very busy. I like the people I work with and the environment is nice too.

However, there is a nagging issue… and that is my drive to work. I have an hour and ten minute drive to Raleigh. This translates to 75.6 miles, one-way or 151.2 miles a day. Let us take this a few steps further. That is to say, I drive 756 miles a week and 3,024 miles a month or 36,288 miles a year.

So far, I need to fill up the tank every two days. Currently in this region, gas is $3.40. I have a 16.9-gallon tank. This translates to $57.46. Therefore, I spend $172.38 a week on fuel for getting to work. This does not include any other type of driving. The yearly fuel cost for just getting to work is, at the current gas price, $8,274.24.

You know, I think I am spending well over 12 hours a week in commuting hours. Before my moving to North Carolina my carbon imprint was very little. Now, it is the complete opposite!

When I was job searching I had interviewed for a position at East Carolina University after I interviewed for the current position at North Carolina State University. Well, ECU called me today and offered me a position. It figures I would get this offer after I start at NCSU and already been through orientation, been issued keys and am in heavy training!

I know one might think why not move to Raleigh. The answer is I really cannot afford to at this time. I probably could later, but I come to realise I have an awesome living situation here in Tarboro, which could help me pay down my debt. If I stay here, I am certain I will be debt free within two years, maybe less. Now that is brilliant.

Anyhow, here is the situation. ECU is located in Greenville. It is a 29.1-mile drive from Tarboro. Therefore, it would take me something like 40 minutes to get to work. It is quite a bit less driving a year (13,968). I am certain I would not have to fill the tank up as much either.

However, the position pays $300 less then my current position. I pay more for gas a month driving to Raleigh. There is also a part of me that feels a little guilty for leaving a job that I only started a week ago. So … what do you think? What would you do?


Anonymous said...

David spends more on gas to commute to Raleigh every day, so if you like your job there, you should keep it, and possibly think of moving closer.

Greenville sucks, and I lived there for 2 years... that's where I lived before I moved to Savannah.

K-A said...

Yes, but... if I stay in your mum's building I don't have to pay rent and I can work on paying off debt. The money I spend on gas to Raleigh could go towards the debt.

I know Greenville is not all that, but I would only work there. Besides, I live in Tarboro, which is worse or better?

Anonymous said...

Tough call. Only you know what's best for you. That said, I couldn't bear to spend that much time in a car, nor to spend that much in fuel. Then again, here in Australia petrol is the equivalent of somewhere between $5 and $6 a gallon. (And none of that stuff about those being Aussie dollars...it's all relative.) I simply couldn't afford it. Best of luck with the decision making!