03 April 2008

Spring Time

This morning I walked down to the Calvary Parish Episcopal Church and the Old Town Cemetery. It was such a wonderful gloomy day! It made me want to dwell with the dead for an hour or so. Ever since I was a child and much to the chagrin of my parents, I would spend quality time with the dead. I would spend hours laying in the cemetery. Anyhow, the weather is gone cool again, but the flowers and trees are blooming. I got some great images.

The Calvary Parish grounds are amazing. The design of the churchyard and its original plantings are the work of Joseph Blount Cheshire, rector of Calvary from 1842 until 1889, who collected plants from all over the world to create an arboretum here on the church grounds.

Some of the greenery featured is Saucer Magnolia, China Fir, American Holly, Carolina Cherry Laurel, False Holly, Bald Cyprus, Sweet Bay, Willow Oak, English Yew, Yaupon Holly, Incense Cedar and Eastern Redbud. There is much more!

The Old Town Cemetery, by contrast is disappointing. I am not sure as to what happened, but most of the gravestones are missing. There are a few Confederate markers as well as some rather well worn stones.

Here are a few images. If you wish to see more click on the Tarboro Cemetery link.


Kevin said...

Really nice shots, K. I like cemetaries, too.

dj-mouse said...

heehee, you're so goth!

thombeau said...

The flower pics are gorgeous!

ilduce said...

Those ARE nice shots! I am lucky enough to live alongside Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain Ma, designed by Frederick Law Olmstead of Central Park Fame. If you ever get out to Boston it's worth a visit. See: http://www.foresthillstrust.org/