08 April 2008

Car Stuff

Today I got my North Carolina driver’s license. I passed the knowledge exam with a perfect score. It cost me $32.

The other thing I had to take care of was the tag, title and registration. In Georgia, we call them tags, but in North Carolina, it is called a “license plate”. So I go down to the tag… err, license plate office and I discover something interesting. The registration office is not located in a state run building. It is a privately run office located in a tanning salon! Yes, I could have got a tan while I waited for my paperwork to be completed. ‘Tis very odd. Anyhow, this cost me $218.

The next thing I have to do is have my car inspected. We do not have automobile inspection in Georgia except in Atlanta and that is only emissions. So I do not know what to expect however I do know it will cost me another $30. Therefore, for me to have my car legal in North Carolina it has cost me $280. Bleh!

Could you imagine if I had Steve’s Bentley or Jim’s Jaguar… or even Kevin’s Audi? So, it could have been worse.

On the bright side of things, I start my new job tomorrow at North Carolina State University. Yay!


Kevin said...

That sounds like waaaay too much trouble. I'd of just cried, sold the Audi, and bought a bike. hehe

Lewis said...

I'm just catching up after a few weeks away. Glad about the job and the driver's license! Now you're legal!