02 April 2008


The search has ended! I am now an employee of the DHL Library at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

I received the telephone call late this morning. When they told me the salary, I was disappointed and slightly offended. They asked if I am interested in the position and I asked a little time to think about it.

The salary is less then what I made at SCAD so I first felt like it was an insult, but then after mulling over it for an hour I changed my mind.

A friend reminded me of the job security you have with the state as well as the state benefits. Another friend reminded me SCAD is a private institution and NCSU is a state institution so there is bound to be a difference in salaries and yet another friend reminded me that in times like a recession it is not wise to pass up an offer.

Sometimes one needs to take a step back before going forward.

My first day is next Wednesday.


Victor said...

I think your friends have given you wise advice. Good luck in the new job.

dj-mouse said...

Yay for a job!

Moby said...

Good advice.

Ya never know, it may lead you to something else better.

The Other Andrew said...

Good news! At least it gives you some financial breathing space, and it's not like you can't keep looking for something better.

mrpeenee said...

Good luck tomorrow, bon voyage.

UprightGuy said...

I went to school there. 1990-1994. Got freaky in the library a couple of times.

Raleigh is a good town. Check out Frazier's on Hillsborough Street. or Porter's next door to it. Lot's of fun restaurants in Raleigh.