06 March 2008

What Did You Do Today?

Today I cleaned up pigeon shit and dead pigeons.

In other news, I recently completed my first sales on eBay. I made $240 selling off bits of my life! Then this afternoon I come to find out I sent two bidders the wrong power cords to go with the computer equipment they purchased. They each got the other’s power cord.

Now I have pay for the return shipping on the power cords and then ship them back to the correct people. Ugh!


kevin said...

I'm hoping you included a bonus gift of pigeon in the packages, too. Happy day to you.

Lewis said...

"Fly, fly, fly...little Starling...." Oh wait, you said pidgeons. You do lead an exciting life.

thombeau said...

Congrats on the eBay sales!

And...Lisa Gerrard RULES!

Robert said...

Again, did you use a tripod? :-) I want to know your secret! heh. Say, that looks like a perfect specimen, a carcass of a pigeon that's.

How's the place coming along??