03 March 2008


The interview went well today and it did not take place in the coffee shop. We only met there. Everyone I met was nice and the meeting was very relaxed. I got a good vibe from the experience. The librarian I met with wanted to know if I was planning on going to library school. I mentioned have thought about it, but at this point the thought of adding more to my already outrageous student load debt makes me cringe.

She added employees receive three free classes an academic year and she would not be against me wanting to get a MLIS degree. She said she wants everyone to be happy working in the library and not feel as if they are stuck doing what they are doing. This made me feel positive about the environment.

After the interview, I met with a benefits coordinator. She went over some of the benefits briefly. I also had to give her a form I filled out for a background check.

It is odd. The state requires you to deduct 6% every month to go into a mandatory retirement fund. However, the money just sits in an account and earns no interest. What is up with that? I still think it is a good idea though. At least it is something.

Payday is monthly on the last working day of the month. That will take some getting used to and some very strong budgeting skills!

The drive into Raleigh was not too bad as was the return drive, but I can see where at some point the drive will probably get to me. It is an hour and ten minutes. However I have to look at the fact if I do get the position it's an evening shift so I will be driving reverse traffic.

We shall see.

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