13 March 2008

Ebay and Other News

I found some rather neat things to sell on ebay lately. I am not sure I will get much for these things, but they are sure interesting, if not a little amusing.

The pamphlet I believe is from around 1960. As you can see, they used the “R” word! I remember growing up you would hear kids calling other kids that name. A teacher or parent would politely say that it was not nice to call someone that because it is not fair to those who really are “that way”.

So times change. When I was at university and in art education the word of choice was "mentally deficient", MD for short. Ha! That’s great. We figured it was a less offensive word because children would be less likely to run around and call one another mentally deficient.

It just does not have the same ring to it. Anyhow, I am not sure what is PC now, but the last I heard was “Special Needs”. Of course, this is all in jest, but when I found this pamphlet, it did make me laugh. Times have changed, indeed.

I also found these dated materials on how to discus certain growing up issues with your children. They too, are very amusing.

Apparently in 1943, the key to getting the proper amount of iron in your diet was to eat mass quantities of molasses. Below is a small recipe booklet by a molasses company called, Grandma’s Old Fashioned Molasses.

You too can look like these kids, jacked up on sugar!

In other news, I received a telephone call from NC State yesterday. They would like to hire me for a different position than the one I applied. It has better hours as well as more interesting duties to perform. However, since it is a State institution I have to go through all the hoops with the application process. Which means the position has to be listed for a certain period. Then they are required to interview a certain number of applicants, etc.

I was grateful and told them thank you and that I would apply immediately. I took care of it as soon as I hung up the phone. I noticed the position being listed for less than a week. The listing closes on the 14th and the proposed hire date is the 15th. Usually they list openings for two or three weeks. Also they stated they wanted me for the position. We shall see.


Lewis said...

I remember the "R" word all too well. Seems like everyone was using it. I also remember the word "Crippled" used all of the time too. Yikes! And I remember those Boston baked beans with the chunk of bacon in it.

The Other Andrew said...

When I was growing up we had two big charities in my old home town "The Crippled Children's Association" and "The Home For Incurables". Can you even imagine? Trying to convince someone their stay at The Home For Incurables was only going to be temporary!? You'll be better soon honey!

Good news on the job front, the minimal time to apply is probably because they've already filled the position. With you! Just going through the motions for appearance's sake.

Homer said...

Those cookies are indeed delectable looking!

thombeau said...

I love these things!
Best wishes on the job front, too.

Anonymous said...

We hope you get the job... makes lots'o money and move back to the vortex - we miss you. love & best wishes,
Sade & Jezabelle

equivocalvagabond said...

HYSTERICAL! Thanks for the giggle.

Oh, and best of luck on the continuing job app process. I'm sure you'll be swell in the role.

travelling, but not in love said...

And how do they propose that you tell the 'retarded' girl about menstruation? Slowly?

Sorry, maybe that's not so funny. But I'm laughing. But it's not funny. But I'm laughing anyway.

Damn me. I'm going straight to hell.