20 March 2008

Heading Home

I am heading home today for three days. My family and friends wish me to visit and I need to pick up more of my belongings. I really cannot afford to be doing this, but I figure I had better do it now in case I end up with a new job soon.

Apparently, my references are being checked because one of my references telephoned me to let me know. Yay, I may be employed again! It will be a bit odd not working for myself anymore, but then again actually having a regular salary, well that is just too sweet.

I guess I should pack a few things and get ready to leave a little later. It is a 5-½ hour drive and I do not wish to be getting to Savannah too late. I am a little dazed now because I woke up around 4:30 this morning. Tabitha, the destroyer, the annoying one, the NQR, was hurling herself against one of the bedroom windows making the freaky noises she often does.

Anyhow I kicked her out the room and closed the door and tried to go back to sleep, but to no avail. I finally got out of bed around 5:30. This should prove to be an interesting drive.

(*NQR= Not Quite Right. This is a term I use often to describe all sorts of things.)


Lewis said...

NQR....that could be applied to a lot of things right now, couldn't it? Have a great trip, and a safe one too!

Robert said...

Yeah, hope you're having a great time K-A!!! Thanks for the email... I think I'm still reading it since it's so long! hahah! Will write you back soon enough!

Drive safely!! xoxo