02 March 2008

Outer Banks

Today Destin and I took a road trip to the Outer Banks. I think we both needed to get out of town and see the mighty ocean. We ended up driving to a rather secluded beach area on Nags Head. It was cold, but we had a good time and we took many photographs some of which are below.

Well, I would write more, but I am exhausted and I have a job interview tomorrow. Do you think I will get to sleep tonight? Ha!

The fabulous, Miss Destin.

Dynamic Duo

Moonscapes on the beach!

I love the macro setting on my camera.

We came across an abandoned hotel that was being buried by the sand. It must have been destroyed by one of the many hurricanes of two years ago. It is amazing how quickly nature is consuming this place. Destin and I have decided to move in.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you two went off to the ocean, I always find that relaxing.

Good luck with your interview today!

Lewis said...

it's this time of year that makes me happy, i think. the reminder of cold, wind, hair blowing, hats and coats needed. it's beautiful. not quite so carefree. looks amazing!

The Other Andrew said...

Gorgeous photos K-A!

Good luck with the interview.

thombeau said...

Wow, those photos are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love road-trip pics, and yours are great. Thanks for sharing 'em!

Robert said...

Y'know I use Google Reader at work and pictures from Blogger's sites never come up for me at work. At any rate, NICE pictures K-A! How'd you get that Dynamic Duo photo? Did you use a tripod or you aim'd it with your right hand? It's a great shot!!

I need to send you an email! :-)