25 January 2008

The Tarboro Chronicles

This morning was freezing. I could not paint because it just wouldn’t dry very well and the paint probably was near frozen. The patches I did to the walls were still wet as was the caulk around the windows. I think my breath was freezing as it left my mouth and then fell to the floor and shattered. It was that cold.

Basically I cleaned everything up. I put all my tools away. I stared at pigeon shit. I paced the floors. I started thinking as to where all the furniture will go. I tried to light a kerosene heater, but all I got was soot… in my face. I thought about would my heaters be able to heat this place. I thought about how I will install air conditioners into the iron industrial windows.

I am heading home tomorrow. I have to figure out the move. Do I move everything now or do it later? There is so much stuff in the way of me getting my own stuff in I may need a month or so to clear things out first. Then I can return to Savannah and get the rest of my things.

The best news is I may stay in the house I am crashing in until May if I would like to. I think I am going to take them up on it for now. This means the cats and I will have a warm clean place to dwell. I can now work on the loft space at a more leisurely pace.

A few months ago I was so certain about this move, but not anymore. I’m still feeling disconnected from this whole thing. I am not sure why. I used to pick up and move all the time and not think twice. This time however I am so indecisive and removed.

Fortunately everyone here has been rather nice. Destin has helped me with moving things around and giving suggestions. Betty brought me lentil stew last night for dinner and a sandwich for lunch today. She’s such a mum!

Perhaps when the whole moving process and construction process and finding a job / clients process is over with I will feel much better about this.


dj-mouse said...

I promise you it is for the best! Besides, for my own selfishness, I'm very happy to have you here.

Robert said...

I wish the weather there would warm up for you! :-( It's cold here and I'm in California. Oy! How does one insulate a brick loft with that much space? Little by little, one step at a time!

Oright, nice to see these pictures. You'll have to send me your mailing address again. Okay K-A? :-)