22 January 2008

North Carolina

Today I am heading to North Carolina with a load of stuff. I have a rather large armoire in the trailer, but most of the items are for creating a habitable space in the “warehouse” area of the building.

Of course, this is the week of cold weather in N.C. It supposed to warm up a bit after I return home! I truly prefer cooler weather to warm or hot, but I like to be personally warm with the cold around me. Therefore, this should be interesting.

Also according to the directions on the paint cans, it states one should not paint when the temperature is below 50F. That’s just great. It’s supposed to stay below 50 degrees until Saturday. I have to get the painting done so I am going to do it anyway. I need to get as much completed as possible before the bigh move on the 31st.

I have my tent, sleeping bag, and blankets, camp stove, etc. all packed. Yes, I will be camping… in a tent… in a warehouse. Heh, heh, this should be fun!

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Lewis said...

I admire your spirit of adventure! Be safe and happy.