09 January 2008

Fighting The Funk

I have been in such a funk far too long. I have been fighting it and with the help of good friends, I have begun to feel better.

It is amazing how life's little quarks, which are totally out of ones control can mess you up. The best thing to do is go with the flow, bend like the reed in the wind. However, it is not always easy to do so. Our nature or at least my nature is not to budge. I dig those heels in, those hoofs and will not move. Ah, to be a Taurus.

Anyhow, I finally release it all to the Universe. It is out of my control. It will take care of itself. I decided to take a Doris Day attitude. Kay Cera Cera, what will be, will be.


Lewis said...

And I have no doubt that you and Doris both will look sassier than ever in your new atti-TUDES. Be good, my friend. Lots of sleep, vitamins every day, great food (no junk), and fresh air/exercise. Those are the have-tos!

The Other Andrew said...

Hopefully things are the upswing for you now! I know this funk of which you speak, and I have to say that Lewis's advice is sound. The only other thing I would add is setting short term goals. If you're feeling flat and unmotivated, achieving a goal you've set for yourself, no matter how small, is a victory.