23 January 2008

The Tarboro Chronicles

Today was my first day working on the space. The loft, the studio, the HELLHOLE! What the bloody hell am I doing? Why am I here? WTF?

No, no. I know why I am here. I know what I have to do. It’s just not sitting right with me. Perhaps it’s all the work I must do to get this place habitable. Perhaps it’s because I am in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps it’s because it’s all unfamiliar. I think it’s all of these things. Though when I was younger I would not have thought twice about it.

The face of trepidation, anxiety & exhaustion.

Okay, let me take a sip of my bourbon and water. Ah… that’s good. When I got up this morning I had to return the U-Haul trailer. The return place was in what more or less I would describe as “The Hood”. It is a storage place and there are a few U-Haul trailers outside in the parking lot. There was no sign of an office. I had to enquire in a fuel station where a rather large, pregnant looking teenager with stringy greasy hair and acne greeted me.

“You’re not from around here”. I replied; “No mam, I’m from Georgia.” Georgia? What you doin’ here?” I finally get a word in … “Yes, Savannah, Georgia and I am relocating here.

“Why you moving here? No one moves here. Everyone leaves.” She starts to cackle, “Get out while you can!” I finally get to inquire as to where the U-Haul office is located and she points across the street. This “office” is located in the rear of a house and it had no signs. Anyhow I returned the damned thing late, but the smoking lady with the no smoking signs did not charge me extra. However I did have to drive back across the street and unhook the trailer myself.

So today I began working on the space, but I did spend about an hour freaking out about why I am here. Seeing the space now for the second time I discovered some more “issues” that are going to make it more of a challenge. I started to think about actually moving to Florida instead! Y’all know my opinion on Florida.

There are two pigeons flying about on my level. Now how do I get them out? At one time there were quite a few pigeons and so there is quite a bit of pigeon shit EVERYWHERE!

I spent a fair part of my day cleaning up pigeon shit and tomorrow I shall do the same and probably the next day too. Don’t worry I am wearing a mask. Those nasty droppings have particles that can cause blindness and I don’t want that. Who ever heard of a blind interior decorator?

Insulating the windows is going to be a bit of an issue too. Temporarily I intend on using that stick on plastic, which you shrink with a hair dryer, but I am not sure it will stick to the iron frame of the windows because there is very little frame to begin with.

My intention is to build storm windows out of wood and Plexiglas, but this is too expensive for me now. I may have to figure out away to do it anyway.

Ah, satisfaction!

I did manage to cut an entrance between the two rooms I will be living in. It was quite rewarding using a reciprocating saw. I actually lost myself in it and didn’t think about my insane life for about 30 minutes. I also was able to vacuum years of dirt, dust and cobwebs.

This will be the temporary living room/kitchenette.

It turns out I don’t have to stay in the building while I am working on it. My friends’ mother has a sister who purchased a house next to hers. It is a renovation project as they live in Florida. You see, I just can’t get away from Florida people! Anyway I am staying in this home. It is a wonderful house. It has a fabulous wrap around porch with Corinthian columns. The original house was built in 1895 and there was an addition added in 1915. It has been completely renovated with new wiring, windows and kitchen. The hardwood floors have been refinished too and there is an instant hot water shower, but most importantly there is HEAT!

Well, I’m off to bed. I believe tomorrow should prove equally interesting.


thombeau said...

Wow. You've got your work cut out for you. So buck up, kiddo! You can do it!

You really have no choice!

dj-mouse said...

I have faith in you! If my sister can handle it, you certainly can.

Lewis said...

Ooohhh....SCARY times.....for us older sort of dudes. I think it's great, fantastic, and all of those other adjectives. Nice glasses. Do you do porn movies in them?

Robert said...

It might be a little rough right now K-A, but your hard work will pay off in time! You can do it, I'm rooting for you! :-)

Keep warm tho, I bet it's freezin' out there!! Take care my friend.

K-A said...

Oh, thanks to everyone for the kind words of support. :)