24 January 2008

The Tarboro Chronicles

This morning I could not get out of bed, as my back would not cooperate. I have a back issue, which I never have bothered to have fully checked out. Apparently it’s a slipped disc. Anyhow I wanted to get up and out of bed, but my body would not cooperate so I stayed in bed ‘till I couldn’t any longer.

It was pathetic I had to roll myself off the air mattress and then get on my knees. I then proceeded with some Yoga exercises. With the aid of a wall and fireplace mantle I managed to stand up. I took a nice long shower and then proceeded to shave. That was an interesting experience! I had to spread eagle, slightly bend forward, prop myself up with one arm while using the other to wet my face!

I then made breakfast and hurried on out the door. I went to a hardware store to pick up a few items and then headed to the hellhole. When I got up to my level those two pigeons where hanging out in the area I just cleaned. You can imagine my distress.

I shooed them away and managed to get them out an open window. I then proceeded to close all the windows so they could not return. I feel a little sad for having to evict them from the building. They were paired together and I believe pigeons, like love birds mate for life. I don’t think they built a true nest nor did they lay any eggs yet because it is winter. However I am keeping my ears out for any peeping sounds. If I hear them the windows are going to be opened again. My love of animals and nature runs strong. I’m extremely empathetic. Yes, this means I am a sap.

However, I know it is for the best because I just can’t live with all the shit. Literally!

Today I managed do some repair work on the ceiling in the temporary living room / kitchenette. I patched several holes in the drywall. I hope it will all be dry tomorrow because I would like to get both rooms painted.

Working on a ceiling patch.

I managed to butcher a door, but I did get it hung. What can I say? The jig saw went right when it should have gone left! I also caulked the windows and added some weather stripping though I think it’s not going to be too effective. The windows are old iron industrial windows.

I also need to replace each pane of glass because they are currently opaque, which is to say you cannot see through them. There is one window that has a few panes of glass, which are clear, but I would like them all to be the same. I also think it’s important for the cats to be able to see outside.

Having this view has been keeping me going.

My plan was to head home tomorrow, but it looks like that’s not happening. I have way too much to do so I will stay until Saturday if I must. Like I mentioned before I still need to paint.

The weather has been progressively getting colder since I’ve been here. Tonight it’s supposed to go down to 22F and tomorrows high is only going to be 35F. This should prove interesting since the paint can states you should not paint below 50F. I have to paint anyway because this all needs to be completed before I leave.

I miss Nora-Grace and Tabitha. ☹


Lewis said...

You sound a bit miffed, misled, without a happy course....and that's not good. I'm sending you good energy for a better today, and an even better TOMORROW. They won't all be this way, I promise.

K-A said...

I don't think I was miffed or misled. It's more of exhaustion and COLD! Yes, you are right, tomorrow will be better.