24 June 2007

Lazy Sunday

Last night some friends and I went out to eat and then hit Venus De Milo for a while and then onto Club One. I was out until 1:30 AM and so I am running a little low on energy. Thus it's a lazy Sunday, but I guess that is what the weekends are for. :) I had a good time.

Today I am at work for five hours. Hidden Pointe Townhomes is a client of mine, but I also work for them part-time as part of their design team. Another thing I do for them is hand out information and give tours to interested buyers. At the same time I give them my business card. It's good advertisement for me. The builders are currently selling the properties themselves so if a sale should go through I get a commission. So far I haven't sold anything. Who knows, perhaps I will.

Currently I am trying to design a medallion for a courtyard for one of the units. It's to be made of brick. We have some extra brick so I was asked to come up with something. Brick is such an odd material to create a medallion with so I am afraid it won't be too intricate of a design.


Robert said...

Looking good K-A. Looking great!!

I don't know the first thing about working with bricks. So with that, much better you than me! hehe!

Is that your spiffy office from home? Or from work?? Nice!!

K-A said...

Well, my two designs were two intricate. I have to redo them.

The picture taken is in the office on site. It is called the "design shed". It's a funny name, but it is actually in a shed.

Thanks for visiting.

Robert said...

Your shed looks great!!!! *straight face*