27 June 2007

Gallery Opening

Last night Calvin, Nicholas and myself went to a gallery opening at the Telfair Museum of Art’s Jepson Centre. I’m afraid I can’t remember the name of the artist the opening was for. There was an unimpressive installation piece of painted clay babies that ascended the stairs in the museum. It dealt with race and such.

At one point I was expecting Nicholas to fall and roll down the stairs in one of his uncontrolled spiritual possessions by Anna Nicole Smith, taking out the installation on the way down. Thankfully he managed to ward off her spirit long enough until we left the museum.

During our walkabout I was more impressed by the works of Hilary Brace. What an amazing artist! Her work is small, mystical and painstakingly tiny. I don’t know how she does it. The images I viewed were in charcoal on polyester film. Very cool.

Below are some photographs taken inside and outside the museum for your enjoyment.

The baby installation.

Looking towards the reception area.


The old post office tower.

It was a lovely evening.


Lewis said...

Man, it looks like an amazing evening sky and a great time to be at a gallery opening. You know, I've never been. I think I should get out more!

K-A said...

You never gone to a gallery opening? Wow, it's like free wine and cheese! Y'all should go to a few. I am more then certain you will have a good time.