11 June 2007


I am about to leave for Florida this morning. I was supposed to go this past Friday, but Nicholas wasn't home from Texas yet and then I decided to go Saturday, but we partied too late and then Sunday, but I was wiped out. So now it is time!

It's time to clean the litter box and toss the kids into the car. (This should be fun) Generally Nora-Grace and Tabitha travel pretty well, but for the first 20 minutes or so they are kind of freaked out.

Apparently since the rains started to fall the fires in Georgia and Florida are about out. It is said they are 100% contained so this means I can travel I-10 without issue.

Well, I'm off!


Robert said...

Have fun with mumsy!!! Did you bring your camera? :-) I hope the freeways won't be too bad for you!

Toodles for now K-A!

K-A said...

Yes, I always carry my camera. Now whether or not I use it is another story.

Thanks for visiting, Robert! :)