01 November 2007


Jimmy, Erin and the children drove down to Savannah last week. I got to have breakfast and tea with them last Sunday before they continued their journey to Florida. Jimmy needed to pick up some parts for an electric car he is building.

On the way back to North Carolina they decided to stop back in and visit with me again, which is a pleasant surprise. Iris and Mezmer wished to go trick or treating. So we did! I wasn’t intending to dress up so I had no planned costume so I dug out last years Harry Potter costume. We had a good time. The kids got a ton of candy. They’re going to be wired for months!

Afterwards we went to Sakurra’s for sushi. It was a quick, but nice visit and again I shall miss them.

The Gang

Erin, Pina and Mezmer (I think he's coming off a sugar high!)

Me and Iris

Jimmy and Iris

I've lost my mind!


Homer said...

I'm disappointed you didn't find the gogo dancer costume you wore in 2005.

K-A said...

Hah! That's very funny and a scary thought.

thombeau said...

I'm all for people losing their minds! YAY!!!