28 November 2007


I am leaving later then expected, but I keep telling myself it is okay. There’s no rush. I am leaving a day later because I was not feeling 100% and my mum was still in Seattle. This morning I'm dragging my heels too.

I’ve got the car all packed and now it’s time to crab the children and toss them into the car. Oh the joy! Claws are going to flail and I’m going to be bleeding in a moment. Once Nora-Grace and Tabitha are in the car they usually calm down in about 30 minutes. It’s usually at this point they realise they aren’t on their way to veterinary and then they know they are on their way to grandmas.

Eight hours from now I’ll be in Fort Myers. I really don’t like Florida… pray for me!

Well I’m off like a prom dress!


Lewis said...

You make it all sound so lovely and enjoyable. Say hi to Jeb Bush for me....oh, wait, is he still down there?

Emma said...

Be safe & have a good time with your mum!

Brian said...

Have a great trip!

David said...

Hey sounds like you ahve been having a whirl wind of days and states-- NC sounds wonderful and the opportunities seem boundless-- I am very happy for you. Have a good trip and safe holiday in FL.

Before you leave Savannah, for good, we need to get together and chit chat etc.

Anonymous said...

We have plenty of "fruit" here in Savannah! Can't wait for you to come home.
Jim & Steve