19 November 2007


Tarboro Court House

I have returned from a wonderful time in North Carolina. My friends and I had a blast. It looks like I will be moving back to North Carolina next year! My friend Emma is planning on opening a nightclub in Durham and she wishes for me to design the interior. I am excited for the possible project as well as moving my business up there and hopefully getting some new clients in the Raleigh area.

The triangle area is much larger then Savannah and I believe my business will thrive better in that region. I am also excited about experiencing the four seasons once again and cold weather... and the variety of trees... and hills... and FRESH AIR!

If I do go through with this move I already have a great place to live. I would live in Tarboro, which is an hour outside Raleigh. Emma's mum has a business in an old 19th Century Belk department store building. I was offered the upper level to convert into a loft. The whole idea is just too awesome!

Now I have a lot of thinking to do.


thombeau said...

What an exciting future! Kudos to you for embracing it!

The Other Andrew said...

Sounds fantastic!

Lewis said...

Sounds like the winds of change are blowing....good for you!

Emma said...

I cannot wait until you are here.