06 October 2007

Good Friends

David and Emma

I arrived in North Carolina safely yesterday. Emma and David were happy to see me as I them. We went out last night to the opening of the Eccentrik Festival art exhibit in Raleigh. It was fun. We drank wine and ate cheese. You know, the normal stuff at a gallery opening.

At the gallery opening.

Then we ended up at a nightclub called Flex. It’s full of big burly gay men. I was fresh meat, but Emma protected me. When we arrived the music was really good, but then about and hour and a half later… it sucked so we went to the Hibernian for food.

This is a mirror picture. That is to say the picture is taken of us in a mirror at Flex.

The Sarah look.

David and Emma at the Hibernian eating some kind of meat covered home fries.

Kara, Joe, Sarah and Mike at the Hibernian.

Me and Kara. For some reason she is clutching Emma's purse real scary like.

Sarah and cute Mike. ;)

Today Emma had a radio interview at NC State University. I went along to the studio and laughed at her. ;) The rest of the day we hung out with her friend Leech and ate Mexican.

Emma, Leech and myself speeding down I-40.

This evening we are laying low because Emma has a migraine and I have to be up early in the morning. I have decided to head up to the Asheville area and visit with my friends Jimmy and Erin.


David said...

OMG so much fun!!! I am glad to see you away from it all and having a great time!

Emma said...

I miss you already!

thombeau said...

What a great time! AND you look terrific! ;-)

K-A said...

Emma, I miss thee too!

K-A said...

Thombeau (aka Mr. Fabuloun),

It was a great time and you are very sweet!

K-A said...

I meant Fabulon, not Fabuloun... but, you got the idea! ;)