09 October 2007

Marshall Continued

On Monday Jimmy had a project to work on so Erin, myself and the kids went on a picnick up river on some land they recently purchased.

Running our errands in Marshall to prepare for our picnic.

We ate good food and enjoyed the fresh air while the kids played in the river.

Erin, Pinatuba and Mezmer enjoying the water.

Iris and Mezmer in the river.

Mezmer was being like an otter. He stripped down to practically nothing and was just splashing around and having a grand ol' time. Iris was a little more cautious, but enjoyed it just the same.

North Carolina is experiencing a drought and so the French Broad River is extremely low right now. Iris kept trying to go out further and further. We had to keep reeling him in.

Later that night we went into town (Asheville) and stopped in to one of my favourite book stores, Malaprops. Then we went for sushi.

Jimmy and Mezmer

Erin and Pinatuba

Me and Iris

The whole gang

Afterwards we went for a walk and pickeup some tea and coffee. I really miss Asheville. :( It was nice to see everything and everyone again.

Heh, heh...
Someone has a good sense of humour. What a great name for a band!

Leaving North Carolina was difficult. I really didn't want to return home to Savannah. It was rather sad because Iris really didn't want for me to leave. He became rather upset and difficult. He actually packed a bag of all his favourite books and said he was going with me. He tried to hide from his parents so they would not know what he was up to and then when it came time for me to go things got dramatic.

Needless to say there were a lot of tears from everyone. When I got into my car to leave Iris grabbed hold of one of my car door handles and would not let go. Erin had to pry him off. It was a tearjerker!

Anyway I'm home now and I'm kind of sad.


King of all Knuckleheads said...

Dude, the Dead Kennedys have been around for, like, ever. They were a seminal part of the second wave of American punk.

K-A said...

Um dude, did you like read the poster? It reads The Dead Kenny G's, not the Dead Kennedys!

Emma said...

I miss you & will work on my strategy for your grand escape from Savannah.

David said...

Hey sounds so beautiful-- I am so jealous. Picnics by the water-- etc...

King of all Knuckleheads said...

ooops, my bad. me no read good, ung.

K-A said...