22 October 2007

Crazy Weather

The weather has been rather crazy of late. My state is in the midst of the worst drought of its history. Eighty-five of our 159 counties have been declared a disaster zone.

The capital, Atlanta is having a severe water shortage. Lake Lanier, which is more or less Atlanta’s water playground, is all but about dried up. I have never seen the lake like that before. Our governor has asked for Federal assistance and would also like to shut off the water to Florida and Alabama.

Georgia, Florida and Alabama have had “water wars” for years. Most of the bickering is over water which keeps certain eco systems stable down stream as well as drinking water for smaller communities. Atlanta has grown so monstrous over the years it really sucks up more then it’s share of water. Just thinking about all those foolish people purchasing McMansions with humongous lawns. So much water goes to keeping them green. It’s sad.

I believe it’s just a glimpse of the future when we will have real wars over water resources.

I think water desalination should be made more available. There is the argument it’s too expensive, but I don’t believe this. I am certain the up keep is expensive, but isn’t war more expensive. I mean, look at Bush’s folly in Iraq. Do you realise how many desalination plants could be constructed and maintained with those funds?

In a capitalist society war is an industry like any other, but can’t there be profit in an industry, which brings the gift of life? Think of all the development and opportunity around an area such as a desert that would spring from desalination.

Here in South Georgia the weather is different. We too have had a touch of drought, but it’s still wet here. We have had less rain, but it’s still horribly humid and there is water everywhere. Everything is very green as usual. It’s amazing because only four hours away in Atlanta everything is parched.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes – I concur. Up with desalination, and down with trying to redically change a foreign region's ancient social structure in a short amount of time.

– Captain Awesome

The Other Andrew said...

We've been in drought in Sydney for ages now, and have been on water restrictions because our dams are so low. Plans for a desalination plant have been strongly opposed here for environmental reasons. I'm not sure of the science, but something about the concentrated salts being pumped back into the ocean I think.

K-A said...

A by-product, eh? That would make sense, but perhaps it could be turned into an industry to create sea salt for the dinner table? Then again there would probably be a lot of salt over time.

thombeau said...

I think that future you've glimpsed is not too far away...

Homer said...

The countries that develop green industries are going to be the next super powers. I wish the Great Decider wasn't such a complete idiot and would invest money in science instead of his stupid wars.