20 May 2007


Last night was the 2007 SCAD Fashion Show. I didn't have tickets this year as I kind of forgot about it or didn't think about it for whatever reason. Anyhow "N" wanted to go so badly I thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown over it. Actually I should state he was more concerned about the after event party.

He wanted to crash it so we did. This year it was heavily guarded with police, SCAD security and two determined ticket takers. They would not let us in of course, but "N" called a mutual friend of ours who has the ear of a family member to the president of the college. Ah, nepotism!

Needless to say this person came down to the front door and the way was parted and we entered triumphantly as we made our grand entrance. Okay, so it wasn't so grand, but it was fun! The place was packed and the drinks were flowing. We met some other friends, acquaintances and freaks.

When the party ended we made our way over to Chuck's. It was quite the letdown. It was very smokey and they were having bad karaoke. It seemed the trailer parks from the surrounding counties had unloaded all at once in the bar so we didn't last long and headed home.

All in all it was a wonderful evening as was the company.

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