31 May 2007


Our state is still burning. It’s crazy. The fires here in Georgia and Florida have been burning since the middle of April. The amount of land that has burned is greater then the landmass of Rhode Island!

In Florida an 18-year-old volunteer fire fighter had been arrested for arson. Wait; aren’t you supposed to fight fires? Fucking moron. He is accused of setting fire to a building on US Highway 301 and setting six other brush fires around County Bradford. If this young man is found guilty, he could face 45 years in prison. What a waste.

Here in Georgia fires have collectively burned more than 462,000 acres. All of the fires have caused a little more than $40 million in damages, but that does not include damage to property.

In County Bulloch, which is about 40 miles west of Savannah, two juveniles were arrested and charged with suspected arson. Last week the smoke was so thick here in town. It's scary because I didn’t realize it was so close to Savannah.

People are just crazy. Why would someone set fires? I mean isn’t there a better way to get some attention? There was a time when people would just streak to get attention or become a performance artist or sing show tunes in a bar. What happened to those days?


Lewis said...

We had a female fire fighter years ago who was arrested for setting fires -- in dry, hot, central Oregon in the middle of July. Humm. Maybe your 18-year-old could join this chick in the slammer....oh, and then go to social common sense 101 class after that.

Robert said...

It's really a shame! Why be a firefighter in the first place? *sigh*

I hope the fires in the two states be put out soon. Stay inside, away from the smoke. *I'm such a mother!*

Have a good weekend Kevin-Andrew. *I still love saying your name! ehehe*