26 May 2007


On Friday “N” and I went to Charleston. He invited me to go along on one of his classes’ field trip. They had to tour Fort Moultrie and its batteries on Sullivan’s Island. Unfortunately both of us got sunburned for not wearing any protection. It's amazing how the sun can wipe you out.

Afterwards we had lunch at Poe’s Tavern. Edgar Allan Poe was stationed at Fort Moultrie so his name is passed around on public buildings and businesses. It’s rather like Ethan Allen in New England.

We walked around a little and then met with many of his friends. They were all very nice and a lot of fun. I could tell they all missed him and it’s easy to see why. He makes everyone laugh.

One of his friends made arrangements for all of us to have dinner at Vickery’s. We met everyone there after they got off work. The food was good and the company was great. Afterwards we headed down to market and went to a wine bar. It was kind of crazy in the market area because it was the first night of Spoleto and the wine bar was too loud.

Since we ended up staying late into the evening we didn’t get back to Savannah until around 3:00 AM. However I had a good time and ate some wonderful food and drank some really good wine and met some nice people. It was a nice break from the routine.

Here architectural history students look down a large hole.

Here we are exploring the Pit of Hell. Actually it is inside one of the batteries owned by a fire company. They use it for test burns. The professor dragged us all inside as an endurance test. I kind of liked it, It was dark and dank and reminded me of a tomb.

Here we are being lead down the Steps of Doom. It was a damaged staircase hidden by over growth upon the Temple of Doom. Okay, actually it was battery dating to about 1898.

The structure off in the distance is none other then Fort Sumter, the very spot where the War of Southern Independence began and the War Between the States started.


Lewis said...

Out until 3am? Man, you southern boys do know how to party. it all sounds, and looks, really great.

K-A said...

Hah! That's funny. Charleston is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Savannah. Yeah, we were "partying" hard. ;)

Anonymous said...

You two just met and you are not wearing any protection! You don't wast any time!
Jason and Sue

K-A said...

I know who you are and you're not Jason and Sue!