27 May 2006

Losing Patience

I am not sure what is going on in my head, but I am losing patience with people more and more these days. I seem to have a short fuse with stupidity and stupid people. Perhaps I have always had that, but I never expressed it loudly.

Just a moment ago as I was scooting to Gallery Espresso I almost ran into a young woman crossing the street sucking on some sort of ice cream cone. She didn’t look before crossing the street. She just went. Have you not heard of looking both ways? Perhaps your parents never explained this to you, but at a certain age it just should occur to you that road = vehicular traffic and looking both ways is just a natural part of self-preservation. Oh and yes, In the State of Georgia pedestrians do have the right of way, IN THE FRACKING CROSS WALK, not just any part of the road!

So I could not contain myself. I just looked at her and said; “Look both ways before crossing the street”. I then scooted on my way. She blurted out some nonsense I could not hear over the traffic.

Then I get to my destination and order my cup of coffee. The barrister instantly gave me attitude. I bit my tongue this time, but I did think to myself; “Look, young thang you work in a coffee house. You’re not even the owner. Get over it!”

It amazes me that you would try to alienate your customers. I know in some coffee and teahouses, for some reason, it is a requirement to have attitude, but come on. FRACK OFF AND GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!


Robert said...

There there Babe, it's okay!!! I know exactly how you feel about these pedestrians... Fun-knee bit that I read about them about a week ago, and here's the explaination:


As I drive through shopping center parking lots, I often watch people cross right in front of me without looking either way. I don't understand their 101% confidence that I will see them. Can you explain?

"They're paying close attention to your car with their peripheral vision, but they know if they turn toward you -- which acknowledges that they see you -- you may not wait to let them cross! So they look straight ahead to make y ou think they aren't watching."

But my take is a bit different. I think they're just morons! heh. I was thinking: Wouldn't it be fun-knee if I were there, and surprise you with me showing up at Gallery Espresso??? Owait, but that would be considered stalking eh? :-)

K-A said...

Yes, I agree. They are morons. That happens to be another of my favourite words. In fact I used to work for a bunch of morons.

Oh, by all means please show up anytime! No, I don't think it could be considered stalking. I mean, if I were to say bug off and you kept coming around then that would be stalking.