13 May 2006

In A Mood

I have been in such a mood lately that I have not felt much like writing about anything. Things here are extremely frustrating and I have been trying to be like a reed in the wind, but the wind is whipping in all directions. Perhaps I need to be more like a leaf that has fallen from a tree. I would probably ride the wind much better.

A few posts back I wrote two miserable things have come my way and I wondered what the third would be. Well, I found out last week. Apparently my position at work is going to be reviewed as to whether or not it’s still needed.

You see much of what I do is going to be automated with a new piece of software shortly so what else can I do? Of course they would not have told me about this until the last week or the day I would be let go because the institution I work for is underhanded and deceitful that way. I only found out because of some recent events that have transpired and I felt a vibe that something was going on.

I confronted my new boss and she explained the situation. We actually had a good conversation. It’s nice to have a boss who listens and cares. She told me she has to review the position and make a decision come July, which is when the new fiscal budget goes into effect. She added that it’s not definite I will lose my job, but ultimately the decision rests with the VP of the department.

However, I know I will. I know he doesn’t care much for me and the fact if much of what I do is automated, then why keep me.

I have to find a new job ultimately because the student loan situation, but I felt while I look for the right situation I would at least have my current job so that I can live, but now there is a sense of urgency.

Well, at least all three things have come to the forefront and I now know what this is all about. It’s time for a life change.


Emma Cabrera said...

Well if SCAM boots you to the curb, I suggest you immediately head to our house, where I will ply you with wine and make you help me paint and decorate the house while you look for a job up here. :-D

Robert said...

Awh, it's wonderful to have a good friend like Emma. So sorry to hear about your job situtation K-A. Yeah, get your resume ready in tip-top shape. The news definitely sucks, but maybe in some way you can turn it all around and see it as a positive 'direction'. One never nows.

I know we all worry, but I have a good feeling you'll pull through just fine. Think positive. Keep going forward! You can definitely do it!