22 May 2006


Fellow blogger, Robert of MrHappySad sent me a wonderful birthday card several days ago and today I received two packages from Amazon. It turns out he sent me a book entitled; "The Clown of God”, by Tomie De Paola and a DVD movie entitled; "Not One Less", a film directed by Zhang Yimou.

I am looking forward to reading my new wonderful book and to viewing my new wonderful film.

Such kindness from someone I have never met in person. How beautiful. It makes me smile and feel warm inside.

Thank you, Robert!


Robert said...

Y'know K-A, I did a number of searches off Amazon to see if you have a Wish List, but to no avail, I would have sent you something off of there... So I just went ahead and sent you what I like! heehee! I also sent the same movie to another blogger almost 2 years ago - Homer.

Hope you like it.

K-A said...

I don't have any wish lists. I never bothered with them before. I guess I shall now. I do so enjoy the book and the movie.

You sent the movie to Homer? He's sweet, I can see why. You're sweet for doing so. If I could fit in a box I would send myself to Homer. If I could fit in a box I would send myself to you, but I am not sure Alec would appreciate it. So Homer it will have to be. ;)

Homer said...

Oh, Robert is a super sweety!

K-A said...

Yes, he is.