28 May 2006

Breakthrough, Transformation, Day

I could not sleep so I decided to get out of bed, crack open a bottle of wine and draw a rune.

I came upon Dagaz. What a wonderful rune. It’s meaning is breakthrough, transformation, and day. Drawing this rune marks a major shift or breakthrough in the process of self-change, a complete transformation in attitude, a 180-degree turn.

Basically I need to rely on radical trust, even though the moment may require me to leap, empty-handed into the void. Hmm, please don’t let it be another vortex.

Now I need to figure out which void I should leap into. Should it be Los Angeles, North Carolina or New Jersey?


Robert said...

Omigosh, you haven't decided it? :-) hehe! Can't pressure yourself and take the wrong decision, y'know? Take your time, it'll come to you K-A.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday! Movie with Melissa today? I'll be running errands. Bleh!

K-A said...

No, I haven't decided. It's as if I become dumb founded when thinking about it. I have never been this way before.

I used to pick up and move at the drop of hat. Now, I just don't know.

Perhaps it's part of ageing.

Emma Cabrera said...

You know I want you to be near me here in NC, so we can have tea parties all of the time & I will sit on your shelf and cheer you up when you are blue.

K-A said...

Heh, heh. That's right I always wanted to put you up on a shelf. :) It would be nice to return to N.C.