19 April 2006

New Picture Albums Added

I finally put together some picture albums. The links to them are on the right of your screen.

The images are so, so. My digital camera only holds six images at the best setting and my memory card is damaged. I have taken most of the pictures using the lowest setting so I don't have to keep running home to download the images.

At a later date I plan to upload a better selection of images, but for now this will have to do.



Robert said...

I've been fooled!!! gaaaaaah! Hey, who's laughing in there!!!!! Not fun-knee! :-P


Robert said...

BTW, the images are great! Thanks for the captions, cuz most peeps are too lazy to put them in. Myself included! I especially like how you named that lady 'CRAZY'! haha!

K-A said...

Inconceivable! It’s a .wav clip from The Princess Bride. One of my favourite movies.

The Me album is going to take a little longer because I am still cleaning up several images and wish to display them differently then the other images.

Emma Cabrera said...

I can't wait to see you with robert smith hair, you better put up that photo just for me.