10 April 2006

A Fun Time Had

I did have a great time in North Carolina. We went out to eat a few times, talked and just relaxed. Emma had to spin on Friday night at Aries, in Raleigh. It was a kind of Goth/Fetish night.

It was nice to go out again, especially on Goth night. The music was good. Three different DJ's spun. Through out the evening, when the music would soften, you could occasionally here the cracking sound of a whip from the back room. Some lucky devil was receiving punishment. The Goth scene in Savannah is rather boring and tedious at best and it's on Thursday night which makes no sense since Friday most people have to be at work.

I didn't take too many pictures because when I got to Chapel Hill I realized I left the USB cable at home so I couldn't download the images. The problem with this is my camera only holds six images set at the best setting. I had to set it to the least quality image setting so it could hold more.

Anyway, I wish I could return to North Carolina forever. :)

Below are some more pictures of Emma and me.

Behold The Power Of Gin


Emma Cabrera said...

I miss you already!

K-A said...


Homer said...

Ohhh, a red beard!

K-A said...

Heh, heh. Yes, red with grey.

Robert said...

So THAT's your friend Emma! Prettty!!! I can tell she's a lot of fun! hehe! Love love love the pictures. Tres chic! Thanks for that K-A! Goth nights are my fave!!! Gosh I wish I was there. I used to go to Goth clubs quite a bit, *sigh*, when I was young! :-) I'll take the worst music from goth to the best Top40 anytime!

Again, the pictures are fantastic!!!

K-A said...

Yes, Emma is fabulous. Empress of Evil, daughter of despair and DJ of darkness, etc., etc.

You're not old and you should still go out. It does the mind good as well as maintain social skills ;)