13 April 2006

Evil Insurance Companies

I just received a telephone call from my dentist. Apparently I owe $722.73. My last procedure was last year and now I receive a bill? They also set up an appointment for a cleaning this coming Tuesday.

My place of employment had changed insurance companies two times last year. This is the reason I just received the bill. My dentist was wrangling all this time with the various Insurance people and trying to get them to pay.

Me thinks I have been short changed here. Actually I think it's the vortex of goo trying to prevent me from making an up coming change in my life from happening. It knows how precarious my finances are for the type of change I am contemplating. It seeks to destroy those who do not submit and glaze over into numbness. It won't let me leave easily.

It is evil, like an insurance company.


Emma Cabrera said...

That sounds like you need to call your insurance company. Evil vortex of Goo!

gloria g said...

dang vortex. your resolve must be strong mr KA. do not let it get you, and what is the dentist going to do? pay the bill bit by bit-but i agree-call your insurance company-or make those lazy people in HR at your place of employment earn their pay.

advice from Dr.g

K-A said...

Dr. G!

Robert said...

Yeah, call them and give them hell [well the insurance companies first, and maybe your dentist, too!], hehe! I hope this gets resolved without much pain! This sucks. I agree with Dr.g, if you have to pay, work out an installment plan.

Blood suckin' insurance companies!