28 August 2008


Turn your clock back… about hundred thousands years…

It was 1984 and on a family outing driving through Quebec on the Radio was a song “Mimi on the Beach.” The artist was Jane Siberry and she stuck in my head… forever. I love her, I love her, I love her! I place her on the same pedestal as Kate Bush.

Recently, Jane changed her name to Issa. Her recording company, Sheba now sells her work by what she has coined “Self-determined” pricing. You may visit her site here.

What is truly amazing is she has let go of all her worldly possessions. This is something I have dreamed about doing for a very long time, but have not the courage. If I could just let go of even half of what she did it would be truly wonderful and a blessing.

I have included a short news video about her created by the CBC. She explains herself and she inspires me.

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