23 August 2008

Back to the gym!

Due to the increasing waistline and funky mindset I have joined a gym. The fall semester has begun and my hours have changed back to my regular schedule, which is 1 – 10 PM. I now have the time to return to a gym. ☺

Tarboro Athletic Club

This place was hard to find. As you can tell from the photograph it does not stand out very well and in a way it looks kind of creepy. Destin and I call it the Speakeasy.

You see, the entrance is on the right. You knock on the door, speak the secret code and you will be let in by the strange pair of eyes staring back at you through a little window in the door. Hah! Actually it is a 24-hour gym. There is a keypad where you enter the code to get in.

I did not know what to expect when I went to sign up because I had to call a number on the outside of the building. The owner then drives over to meet you, let you in, shows you around and then you sign up. It’s actually nice inside. It has a loft like feeling and there is plenty of modern equipment, a racquetball court and a great collection of treadmills and stair steppers with which to lift my butt up from its sagging decline.

The best thing is the price. It’s $25 a month! This is better then what I would have to pay to use the facilities at university.

The owner is quite woofy in that muscular, bearish sort of way. Of course he is straight, married and has children. You see like Iran, there are no gay people in Tarboro. I am invisible. Hah! The problem is, they are all married and have children and then hit you up when their wives aren’t around. Sad, very sad.

Anyhow, I am excited about getting back into shape. I worked so hard last year to get back to a size 32 waist and now I am finding it too uncomfortable to squeeze into them. I shall begin my new routine tomorrow morning!


ilduce said...

From one gym buff to another, welcome back to the fold!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin Andrew, It's Jeremy in Savannah! Holler at me some time! Email me your phone number, I lost it. How are you doing?

buff said...

Sounds like you found the perfect gym, stud.

We're all here to encourage you.

Yea, size 32 is an awesome waist size, It is definitely something to fight for.

I maintain mine at 33.

Robert said...

One word: STUD!!!