16 May 2008

Sick, Allergies and a Surprise

I have been sick with some funky cold this whole week and on top of this I am having an allergy attack. Bleh!

However, a real sweet surprise this week was a certain Mr. HappySad of All Things But None sent me a birthday card with a Target gift card. He's such a sweetie. I went out and got me some 600 thread count bed sheets. Wooo!


Anonymous said...

Hey sorry it has been a while-- Happy belated! I hope all is well where you are. I am such a Gypsy these days-- Just went to IL to direct a show and now to Savannah again to direct another-- I hope the Mountain life is treating you well-- Get well soon. David P.

Lewis said...

Congrats on teh B-day....not so congrats on the cold. Big congrats on the gift card!

Robert said...

Oy. I hope you're feeling better these days. I need to write you an email.. Hmm... actually I need to do a lot of things... *sigh*

Hope you're having a great night sweetness! A DATE? Ooh lala!!

equivocalvagabond said...

Curl up in those new sheets and recuperate! But give 'em a wash first. They always feel better that way.