15 September 2007

Starbucks & the Starbitch

I have been frequenting the Starbucks in the Kroger out by the Savannah Mall lately because I am often at the construction site, which is right next to it. Generally I won’t frequent such a place because I prefer independently own stores such as Gallery Espresso, but when I need a fix, I need a fix.

There is a new barista at this location that has taken it to a whole new level with me. She is now known as the Starbitch of Starbucks. She really yanks my chain. This is the second time she has rubbed me the wrong way.

What did she do you ask? Well, I always get iced soy mocha without whipped cream and she always refuses to stir the damn thing. I asked her why she doesn’t stir it and she told me it was corporate policy! WTF?

Okay everyone else stirs it for me. Heck when I go to the Gallery they stir it, and pour it into another cup twice so all that chocolaty goodness is mixed quite well.

Starbitch tells me that the chocolate and coffee is supposed to sit at the bottom of the cup and the milk on top. I said this is ridiculous. It’s supposed to be a mixed coffee drink. She went on to tell me (with attitude) she had worked in a Starbucks in two other locations and this is the way they were told to do it.

I asked her to stir it anyway and she told me it would be easier if I stir it with my straw and handed it me my cup! WTF? What kind of customer service is this?


Robert said...

Talk about a barista with attitude. Curse her... The name startbitch is a little too pretty for her! ha! It's weird how you want it one way and other gives it to you the other just because. Funny world when you look at it! heh!

Next time, give her a big smile and say 'Thanks', and see what she does! haha!

Lewis said...

"Corporate"? Most of these in grocery stores, airports, and the like are faux Starbucks.....and not corporate owned. I'll bet she's a Kroger employee

jason said...

I like it.

I hear RuPaul has a new film out called "Starbooty."

I wonder what the plot of "Starbitch" would be? Maybe a bit of kung fu perhaps?

Irvinglee said...

Ha! I agree that starbitch is too nice of a title. Hmmm what could we come up with? I know... but it wouldn't be nice for civilized public to hear.

What Customer service they have... a mocha is supposed to be a mixed drink-- and besides what ever happened to the customer is always right. Well just breath...

Emma said...

Umm, I worked for a Barnes & Noble Cafe for a couple years (which is a Starbucks to a certain degree), and it was policy to stir the chocolate based drinks. In fact, it should be listed in the drink manual as one of the steps. So, she's totally full o' crap.