07 September 2007

Morning Drive

Driving out to the site seems like it takes forever, but in reality it's only 15 minutes. I guess it's the drive on the Veterans Parkway that make it seem this way. It cuts through the marshes so there is nothing around. It's nice to see open spaces like this in city limits. Sometimes you can see an alligator or wild boar frolicking about. (Actually wild boar frolick and alligators just kind of sit there.)

It makes for a relatively peaceful journey, though I still think downtown is much better.

This image was taken on this crazy bridge that goes out over the marsh and practically corkscrews back around onto highway 80. Sometimes people tend to drive too fast on the extreme turn and flip over.

1 comment:

Lewis said...

There is nothing like open spaces, parks, trees, quiet spots....in or near the city.